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Breaking News - Protests - April 15 2017

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ITCCS Field Secretary and Author, Kevnin Annett, helps us understand the horrors of Residential Schools, genocide, ritual abuse, systematic opression and other serious crimes against humanity while subsequently assisting us in breaking free from the dark, ancient system that enables such horrendous acts. All books are available at

In 1992, Kevin Annett an ordained minister with the United Church of Canada in Port Alberni on British Columbia's Vancouver Island a logging town half populated with native Indians, discovered a history of abuse and atrocities ranging from torture sodomy and rape to murder suggesting genocide among the native children in the church's residential school which had taken place for more than a century. It later was revealed that such was the case in more than 140 schools run by the major churches with the complicity of the Canadian government. Refusing to remain silent he was defrocked by his Presbytery. For 15 years he has conducted a one man campaign for justice and the revision of colonial laws for a race of subjugated people.

Murder by Decree is an uncensored record of the planned extermination of indigenous children in Canada’s murderous “Indian residential schools”. It is issued as a corrective Counter Report to the miscarriage of justice by Church and State known as the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” (TRC). Based on eyewitness testimonies and archival documentation deliberately suppressed or ignored by the TRC, Murder by Decree proves that the genocide of indigenous people began as a religion-led campaign and continues to be a deliberate governmental policy in Canada. This Counter Report reveals these startling facts: - Over half of Indian residential school children began dying the very first year these church-run facilities were opened - This huge mortality rate continued unabated for over a half century because of deliberate practices of germ warfare according to a prescribed monthly “death quota” - Evidence of these crimes and their intentional nature has been continually destroyed by the RCMP and the Catholic, Anglican and United Church since at least 1960 - The same genocide continues today, is aimed at indigenous women and children, and is driven by foreign corporate interests hungry for native lands and resources Murder by Decree is issued by The International Tribunal for the Disappeared of Canada (ITDC), an international coalition of jurists and human rights groups. The ITDC was formed in December, 2015 to investigate the disappearance of people in Canada, prosecute those responsible and prevent a further whitewash by Canada of its Crimes against Humanity. This report is an answer to these crimes and an urgent summons to the world and to all Canadians to live no longer under genocidal regimes. Published by the ITDC Central Offices in Brussels and Toronto. For more information: [email protected]

Murder by Decree can also be read here (

A narrative of extraordinary power and importance, Unrelenting is the long-awaited account of how one man’s courage toppled a Pope and changed the face of the world. The twenty year saga of Reverend Kevin Annett to expose Genocide and child torture by his own Canadian culture has been recounted in part in other testimonies, but not until now has the entire story been told with such depth and humanity. In his own words, and drawing on a rich body of evidence and experience, Kevin recounts a Herculean struggle to force a buried truth into the light of day, and to prosecute Church and State for their unspeakable crimes against the innocent. Written as both historical record and spiritual reflection, Unrelenting moves past the bare facts of a global crime to the deeper question of how moral people are to respond to official malfeasance in their own back yard. Its passion and devotion reveal a man who has found his real vocation as “a doer of the word, and not merely a speaker”. In the manner of the author’s own cited 18th century ancestor, the persecuted English free thinker Peter Annett, this work is written not as mere commentary, but to arouse the readers and summon them to change. Reverend Kevin D. Annett has twice been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. He is an award winning author, broadcaster, film maker and human rights figure. He lectures widely in North America and Europe and serves as a community minister and spiritual advisor to many communities including the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State. ( He may be contacted at [email protected] or through 386-323-5774 in the USA. Please see .

1497 and so on: A History of White People in Canada is an irreverent and satirical work that pokes fun at the European colonization of “Canada” and the history of the nation. It delves into the seamy underside of that history and uses humor to face otherwise “unpleasant” truths about who Euro-Canadians have been, who they are now and who they might become.

Truth Tellers' Shield is a definitive manual and "how to" guide for anyone who goes up against wrong doing. Written as a practical aid for real and potential whistle blowers, Truth Tellers' Shield draws on hard experience and street wise knowledge. It teaches the reader how to navigate and survive attacks and smear campaigns by powerful adversaries while surfacing the truth about their crimes. The author, Kevin Annett, is a front line expert on the subject. A renowned Canadian whistle blower who has survived decades of state-sponsored attacks for his work to expose and prosecute crimes against humanity in Canada and abroad, Kevin is a veteran of nearly forty years of political and community activism. Twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, he presently runs training programs for activists and is a consultant to many human rights groups, including the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS). Truth Tellers' Shield is sponsored and produced by the ITCCS and is being translated into many languages. See and [email protected] for more information.

Issued by the first court to successfully prosecute and convict the Vatican, Canada and the Crown of England for Crimes against Humanity, the Common Law Training Manual is a weapon to educate and mobilize the people to reclaim their freedom from arbitrary rulers and their tyranny. This indispensible teaching and action guide is a passport out of oppression into a land of reclaimed freedom and the rule of just law.

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"Imagine, uncovering a clear case of the Canadian Government and churches actively engaged in genocide against people of Canada - for hundreds of years. What to do?


And then find another case and more and more clear evidence of this mass crime against humanity. What to do?


Learn about the creation of boarding schools where more than half the children die. Where germ warfare is used - small pox and tuberculous on the kids and others too. Where children are stolen from their parents. Where a child is pushed out a 2nd floor window, dies and nothing is done about this murder. Theft of land, rivers, forests. Over 50,000 children murdered. What to do?


The obvious thing of course.


Find creative actions to seek justice, full justice, including full and fair reparation for each and every harm, halt any further harms in their tracks - everywhere on the planet, and find creative ways so these sorts of harms can be stopped early on before the run amuck - in to crimes against humanity and genocide, and find suitable ways to deal with the institutions and individuals that participated in these harms so they never do them again.


That is what Kevin Annett sets out to do with this film - nothing less. The entire film and distribution is a self-funded, grassroots effort reaching throughout the planet. Full professional unrelenting research and scholarship created this film and is an important part of the on going creative work for full justice. See the projects website:


First-hand testimonies from residential school survivors are interwoven with Kevin Annett's own story of how he dealt with the abuse of power by the church and governments against him. These attacks added further examples of what the church and state can attempt to do to anyone they choose, further convincing Kevin the government and churches of Canada can, did and do commit crimes against humanity including genocide against the people of Canada." - SubscriptionFreeTV (



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"ATTENTION: All you rule-breakers, you misfits & troublemakers, all you free-spirits & pioneers... Everything the establishment has told you is wrong with you - is actually what's right with you..." 


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Understanding Whole Foods

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The information below is copied from the 'natural Factors' Website @

Written by Patience Lister Posted July 30, 2015

“Unprocessed,” “natural,” “real food” – no matter what you call them, whole foods are key players in a healthy diet. They pack a higher nutrient density than their processed alternatives because they come straight from Mother Nature herself, in their natural form, with minimal processing and additives.

Whole Food Benefits

Because whole foods are virtually untouched by industry, they have all of their naturally occurring nutrients. For example:

 When you eat whole grains, you load up on fibre from the intact bran and germ

When you eat fresh, whole fruits and vegetables, you get their full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre, and phytonutrients – in their original proportions

When you eat whole, raw nuts and seeds, you boost your protein, fibre, and micronutrient intake without adding sodium, coloring, or bad fats to your diet

Healthy Whole Food Swaps

To rev-up your diet, swap your usual staples for healthier whole food alternatives. Great swaps include:

 Baked potato with herbs in place of fries

Spaghetti squash in place of regular pasta

Steel-cut oats in place of instant oatmeal

Fresh apple slices in place of apple sauce

Wild rice in place of white rice

Cucumber & humus in place of crackers & cheese

Find Your Balance

As healthy as whole foods are, they’re not always an option. When limited access or dietary restrictions prevent you from eating the whole foods you want, natural health products can offer a quality alternative.

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ICLCJ - Arrest Warrant

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True say!

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Desiderata - Live it!

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Please do your part!

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