HolisticUs International is an idea being set into motion that intends to shine a light throughout the world! We are a growing group of ordinary people coming together for extraordinary causes.

We want to hear from you! Your ideas, experiences and opinions are strongly desired as we expand our network. No single person has all of the answers and no single person can fix the world's problems. We're all in this together! Being responsible and accountable for our own selves while protecting our own respective communities is an important step forward. 

Where there is a will, there is a way!

HolisticUs International hopes to find several like minds to share ideas and to brainstorm better ways for individuals, families, and communities to develop (or re-develop), thrive and succeed. We also wish to develop relationships with others who have begun their own grass-roots initiatives to potentially promote and/or integrate as we advance and bring the goals of HolisticUs International into fruition.

As time marches on HolisticUs International will be recruiting people to build our database of service providers, provide daycare/home-school services, educate others, promote new services and/or products, network with others for HolisticUs International causes, pay it forward initiatives, social networking initiatives, telephone calls, document formatting, web hosting, blogging, grassroots projects, etc.

HolisticUs International understands that there are several current alternatives to main stream services and service providers, however, we find that many of these alternatives have connections to the traditional system in one way or another, even if only by mere perception of 'how things are supposed to be'. We seek to break through current thought patterns and connect with others who are finding innovative ways around the 'norm'.    

If you are interested in helping out please drop us a line. Ideas and input are also very welcome! HolisticUs International does not endeavour to become anyone's egotistical boss we simply want good people to connect as humanity moves forward in building a brighter future for all. 

HolisticUs International is NOT a money making scheme. It is a strong heart-felt quest that continuously endeavours to share knowledge that will end the soul draining status quo of suffering throughout the world. HolisticUs International absolutely abhors the notion of charity for profit. Any donations received will go directly towards items/resources delivered by volunteer services. There will be strict financial accountability where donations or other sources of funding are concerned. Money means nothing to us in a personal capacity but it is an unfortunate necessity as we attempt to provide the grass-roots projects that are so necessary in our respective communities today.

HolisticUs International envisions a better world for everyone. Liberty, peace and justice for ALL! We believe we can achieve this with your help. 

HolisticUs International promotes peace and non-violence.


Home school and Daycare Initiative

We have an off-grid property in the countryside of a small town in Ontario, Canada. There are two buildings on the property. One is an older one-storey home and the other is a workshop space. Both buildings are in need of repair, one urgently needing a new roof. The property itself needs a little TLC with clean up and landscaping but it is very private and suitable for our needs. We will be using this space as our home school and daycare space. To make our daycare the best it can be we will be looking for donated items wherever possible. We'll need things like:

*Off grid supports - solar panels, power inverters, batteries, lanterns, generator, etc. (The property is completely off-grid). We must secure a decent power source first and foremost before we can open the home school/daycare. We will be using two old wood stoves as our source of heat as well as for cooking. One wood stove, an old Findlay Oval, is currently installed and we are looking to have the other stove and chimney installed as soon as possible. We have to get creative with some lighting issues as well. 

*Musical instruments

*Indoor and outdoor toys (no electronics or video games)

*Dress up clothes and accessories (shoes, necklaces, hats, etc.)

*Bicycles and riding toys

*Play structures - swings, slides, jungle gym, etc. 

*Gardening and greenhouse equipment. We hope to have an evolving greenhouse whereby we grow our own food and learn so much along the way.


*Herbs, spices, vitamins, homeopathic remedies

*First aid supplies

*Craft supplies

*Books (Non violent, non sexual, age appropriate material for children ranging from infant to young adult)

*Van, mini-van or station wagon.

*Fire extinguishers

*Your time - teaching, creating crafts, help with greenhouse, etc. 

*Gift cards - to help buy costly foods and supplies

*Money. There are many ways you can help. We don't necessarily want your money. We despise the fact that we need money to do what we do but it is a sad reality. If you can't make a donation it's quite alright with us. We absolutely understand financial strains. We also appreciate that everywhere we turn today, someone seems to be demanding money. We want to be innovative and creative and find ways around money problems. We encourage you to support us in other ways if possible. This is a grass-roots platform so all ideas and input very welcomed.

HolisticUs International is completely volunteer driven. We are not funded or sponsored by anyone. We are not affiliated with the government in any way. As our services evolve so do the cost demands. As such, HolisticUs International must rely on the generosity of others to advance these services. We regret this situation but firmly believe that "where there is a will there is a way"...especially where our vulnerable children are concerned!

Temporary shelter for abuse survivors

This is a unique grass-roots initiative. We need virtually everything a shelter needs. We have a small space for housing but we need linens, care packages, basic needs items, gift cards for emergency purchases, clothes, inspirational items, food, first aid supplies and good vibrations. If you can help us out with making the living space as secure as it needs to be or with any of the items listed above we'd really appreciate hearing from you.

We could also use some volunteers for this service. The training will be somewhat rigorous but very much worth it. Please contact us for more information.

For the world wide data base of service providers

This is a work in progress. Please contact us. 

Local community meetings

Come out and join us or host your own. We will be posting monthly calendars for more information about weekly community meetings. The idea is to listen to the Radio Free Kanata program as a group every Sunday evening and to engage in discussion and plan making thereafter. Perhaps you can host a meeting in your home or offer snacks/beverages for a meeting being held elsewhere. Make committees. Start a group action. 

Support and respite services for grass-roots workers

We would like to develop, or work with others who have developed, a retreat centre for front line workers who are changing the world. Often times there are no available supports for social justice pioneers and we want this to change quickly. We would like to work with others who have the time, property, resources, (etc) to make this happen. Ideally it would be a place for overnight, weekend or week-long retreats where people can rest, heal and co-ordinate with like minds while being somewhat catered to in a safe, positive, and supporting environment.

Other Initiatives

Please contact us. We are striving to get all services and initiatives off the ground as soon as possible. 

Who created HolisticUs International?

My name is Brenda Everall. I'm a seasoned social justice and child protection consultant and advocate. I'm educated and experienced in many diverse areas in the social justice arena. I'm a certified medical office assistant (hons.), a former Sunday School Teacher and Superintendent (though no longer adhering to organized religion), and a former children's activities coordinator. I have several years experience as a consultant, advocate, mediator and peer support worker in the social justice arena . I've assisted several others through Ontario's family courts and child protection agency involvement. Working closely with several foster children over the years has created special memories and bonds for me that I'll treasure forever. Although I've paid dearly to blow the whistle on child rapes occurring in foster homes local to me I'd do it all over again if given the chance. I have experience raising my own children and many children of my community and I'm the proud Grandmother to two bright and beautiful grandsons. I've provided care to scores of children since my youth and I take extreme pleasure in watching each and every child develop and thrive. 

After my experiences as a child protection advocate I was compelled to dive into some deep research to find answers to unsettling questions. At this point I fell down the rabbit hole, so to speak, and found a deeply disturbing world that is unseen, for the most part, by the majority of people. I hope to increase public awareness and understanding about the hidden, yet very prominent dark occult society that has existed historically and continues to exist among us today. I hope to develop and/or to join developed networks to address the very serious issue of ritual abuse and to offer unique support services to the many survivors of this very serious, yet often hidden, social illness.    

It is one of my most sincerest hopes that all children everywhere will one day be afforded the opportunity for a genuine childhood while being safe, loved and nurtured by understanding and caring adults across the board.  I'm Compassionate about the defence and liberty of mother earth and all of her inhabitants. I'm always looking for like minds so if you would like to connect please drop me a line. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Love is all we need <3

You can listen to me as a guest on HERE WE STAND broadcasts if interested:

December 4, 2016

January 15, 2017

April 16, 2017

April 7, 2019

April 28, 2019

June 9, 2019

I've documented some of my own battles with the 'system' and its key players. Here's a link to my blog. You'll find details about my experiences with a local Minister throughout my attempts to expose child rapes in foster homes local to me. The blog also has links to supporting documents, images, videos, etc. 

I've yet to find a better way forward than the initiatives of ITCCS. Sure, common law doesn't set man completely free but are we among enough enlightened people that we could trust absolute liberty with no guidelines? I personally don't think so. I think the common law is a realistic medium and as such, I'm ok with a basic structure of governance, controlled by the people. 

I actively oppose the United Nations agenda for Sustainable Development! See the 17 Goals. Agenda 2030 (formerly known as Agenda 21) at first glance the agenda may seem like a plan to 'save the world', however, read in the proper context it is literally a nefarious plan to enslave the world. I encourage everyone to understand the U.N agenda for Sustainable Development. It is a literal road map to the destruction that we see in the world today. 

After a 'struggle' with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW) I was authorized, in 2016, by the OCSWSSW Registar, Ms. Lise Betteridge, to provide social work services though I'm not a registered member of the OCSWSSW. I urge the reader to learn more about the unlawful practice of social work in Ontario. OCSWSSW 1 - OCSWSSW 2 - OCSWSSW 3 - OCSWSSW 4 - OCSWSSW 5

COLLUSION IN THE COUNTY - EXHIBIT 'A' is a document that I authored detailing some of the corruption I've experienced.

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